Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feel Like I'm Gossiping?

My Saturday was harsh.
Selena wasn't there, and she'll probably get called down to Mr. Ransdell's again on Monday.
I had a horrible runny nose the whole time so every five seconds I was sniffling.
God that was embarrassing.
Tons of people I know where there.
Doesn't mean they where people I like.
I talked to Dae for like two seconds just so I didn't look like a faggot.
Sad to say her (current) boyfriend/whatever he is got kicked out in like 20 minutes.
He's definitely eighteen or over because he has some visible tattoos.
Just her type.
He didn't even look like he should be going to high school.
I'm Surprised Tyler Rooks didn't just get a Saturday on purpose, just to be with Laurisa.
Ever since they started dating, they've been attached at the hip.
Kris Trader was also there.
Not looking his hottest actually.
He just needs to cut his hair a little bit.
When I got home, I talked to Jason about the concert.
He's trying to get VIP tickets :D
I think Jam thinks he's coming with me and Jason.
I'll have to clear that up.
I feel like shit, cause I'm really sick.
I legit went to bed at 7:30 last night.
That's fucked up.
Even Hunter wasn't in bed yet.
I slept like a baby too though, but woke up at like 2:45 in the morning.
Which is actually normal for me.
Gotta go to bed soon..
Oh and, damn Case can write:]
Hope you had fun on your date the other night hunn.

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